RenderMan Shader Factory is a standalone application I developed, it's concept basically to make life easier for anyone who is interested to learn RSL "RenderMan Shading Language" or even experts, as you're no longer worry about having an external text editor, compiling shader or a terminal for doing your render procedures.

Now, everything can be done in one place, light and quick with this application ..

more features are under-development right now like multiple shaders tabs, shading stages, volumes shaders support and creating your own stages with OpenGL support. stay tuned.




Make sure you have python installed with PyQt4 libraries

Learning Resources:

RenderMan Shader Factory v1.0 is now available on RenderMan community, check it out here :


  • I just replaced "RMShaderFactory.exe" with "RMShaderFactory.bat" to avoid any future problems because many people don't have the latest Microsoft C++ libraries.

  • If you clicked on "RMShaderFactory.bat" and the application didn't start, make sure you have python installed and PyQt4 installed correctly.

  • I just created "" script for evaluating the python code on linux same as the .bat one on windows.

  • for Linux users, if you got this error message "RuntimeError: the sip module implements API v11.0 to v11.1 but the PyQt4.QtCore module requires API v9.2" make sure that you have the latest sip module installed and PyQt4 too.