RenderMan for 3dsmax is one of the biggest project I have worked on for implementing RenderMan to 3dsmax and it is a non-official plugin it's just an individual work with +3000 line of code in 3dsmax SDK.


here is some of RenderMan Features that I implemented in this plugin :

  • PxrDisney Shader is exact the same as the one in Maya, so no worries in working on many software .. you will get the exact same quality!

  • A bunch of render settings options, will be expanded in the next work in progress 02.

  • RenderMan Area light with some basic parameters like : Light Color, Exposure, Temperature and Shading Rate.

  • RSL Shader is available so you can test your REYES shaders with RenderMan Shader Factory directly from your 3dsmax scene.

And Here is some pre-alpha renders we got from this implementation :

Lastly, Here's a list of what we have in this plugin and what is planned to see in the next update.

What we already have in this plug-in :

  • Exporting 3dsMax Objects to RenderMan.
  • Implementing PxrDisney Shader to 3dsmax shaders editor.
  • Implementing RenderMan Area Light to 3dsmax.
  • Built a base for RenderMan settings in 3dsmax.

Upcoming features and fixes :

  • Camera transformation fixed.
  • Implementing more RenderMan Shaders.
  • Creating more RenderMan Settings Options.
  • Having RSL bridge with RenderMan Shader Factory to work.