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Using Autoencoder Neural Network To Denoise Renders


In this post I am presenting my work on autoencoder neural network for denoising (images/renders) using Keras and Python.

First, let's explain what is the autoencoder neural network in a nutshell:

"Autoencoding" is a data compression algorithm where the compression and decompression functions learned automatically from examples rather than engineered by a human.

In addation to:

  • Autoencoder is one of the simplest neural networks form. It can consist of 3 layers (encoding, hidden layer and decoding) and that makes it practical example for introduction into deep learning...

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Dec 10, 2017 Mahmoud Hesham

3dsMax Command Port

3dsMax Command Port is a handy tool for Technical Directors especially pipeline TDs, so now you can send commands with external IDE or through any other 3D package without freezing 3dsMax. it also supports backward compatibility, so it works with any 3dsMax version.



with this tool you can receive commands from external applications and IDEs like Maya, Nuke and Mari .. it makes communications with the other 3D packages much easier.

Command Port functionality isn't supported by native in 3dsMax unlikely in Maya or Nuke.

Get it from here :

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Apr 08, 2016 Mahmoud Hesham

RenderMan for 3dsmax

RenderMan for 3dsmax is one of the biggest project I have worked on for implementing RenderMan to 3dsmax and it is a non-official plugin it's just an individual work with +3000 line of code in 3dsmax SDK.


here is some of RenderMan Features that I implemented in this plugin :

  • PxrDisney Shader is exact the same as the one in Maya, so no worries in working on many software .. you will get the exact same quality!

  • A bunch of render settings options, will be expanded in the next work in progress 02.

  • RenderMan Area light with some basic parameters like : Light Color, Exposure, Temperature and S...

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Jul 15, 2015 Mahmoud Hesham

RenderMan Shader Factory

RenderMan Shader Factory is a standalone application I developed, it's concept basically to make life easier for anyone who is interested to learn RSL "RenderMan Shading Language" or even experts, as you're no longer worry about having an external text editor, compiling shader or a terminal for doing your render procedures.

Now, everything can be done in one place, light and quick with this application ..

more features are under-development right now like multiple shaders tabs, shading stages, volumes shaders support and creating your own stages with OpenGL support. stay tuned.


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May 07, 2015 Mahmoud Hesham

Go Mari for 3dsMax and Maya

Go Mari is a tool I have developed to faster the texturing workflow between 3dsMax, Maya and Mari.

UDIM Sequence isn't supported by native in 3dsMax unlikely in Maya but I developed a plug-in to enable using it.



  • You're no longer worry about Import/Exporting maps from Mari to 3Ds Max, everything will be done with a couple of clicks!
  • Go Mari sends the whole scene from 3Ds Max to Mari and can also export the selected objects only.
  • Missed an object? don't worry, Go Mari will check for the updated objects a...

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Dec 24, 2014 Mahmoud Hesham